Rollover protection solutions for the farming industry.

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You won't notice it until it saves your life.

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Boss ORV is offering unique Air-Rops products.

Air-ROPS fills a gap in current rollover protection systems for the farming industry

The current state of the art in rollover protection does not provide the necessary protection in many user scenarios

  • Foldable ROPS are necessary to access restraint access areas but because of their poor ergonomy have proved not to provide protection as they are normally kept in the folded position.
  • Fixed ROPS interfere in daily working scenarios and are often removed or highly disaproved by the end user.

Why not an automatic rollover protective structure that remains collapsed until it’s really needed?

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About Us

We are a specialist vehicle distribution company.

Sole distributors

We are the sole distributors for the UK and Republic of Ireland for Air-Rops rollover protection systems.

Dealer Network

We distribute machinery through a high quality specialist dealer network.


We were established in 2018.


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Current Air-Rops Dealers in the UK

Boss Off-Road Vehicles is building a network of dealers for Air-Rops rollover protection systems in the UK. See below for some of the early adopters.

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